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Welcome to the Tri-City United School District – Home of Titan Pride

Hello TCU Family.

I am so privileged and so very proud to be writing this hello for the TCU school district. It feels really good to begin this letter with ‘TCU Family’, because when you live in societies that have schools as the central hub, it then makes us all a part of making and creating great leaders. I believe that the communities centered around our school district have the ability to help our youth understand that they are the future of our neighborhoods and they are the product of continued prosperity. I have discovered this through many conversations and meetings over the past few months and it is very evident that I have joined an amazing district. I want to thank all of you and the Board of Education for entrusting me with an enormous responsibility of leading our District as the Superintendent. I assure you that I will be available to continue to make TCU a great family.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about myself and my family. I have been married to my amazing wife, Stacey, for 21 years and we have a remarkable son, Riley, who is a junior in high school. We also have two polar opposite cats that startlingly get along. Jersey just wants to be a ‘cat’ and do nothing, while JJ has to know what is going on all of the time. I love to travel with my family, coach, read, boat, garden, golf, be outside, and just learn more about my own family's daily experiences. I have been around education my entire life and I have been educating and coaching for nearly 30 years. I graduated from St. Cloud State University with Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and physical education and a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology. I also have an Ed.S. degree in Educational Administration from Capella University. I have worked at all levels of education and I truly believe my experiences will help me understand different facets of this position.

As mentioned above, I have been collaborating with board members, administration, teachers, staff, community members, and other organizations. What I keep hearing and what I love to hear is that I am in a great place. I am looking forward to working with all of you to build on the district strengths and then continue to move us forward. I believe we all need to keep an open mind on what learning looks like and can look like. In order to do this, we must provide a high standard of educational opportunities through an educational structure that fits our TCU district. To do this we must highly celebrate our successes and embrace our failures and learn from both ends of the spectrum. Together we can all strive to ensure that our students thrive as we successfully embrace our district's mission.

In closing, I am devoted to promoting academic excellence and enhancing the intellectual, social-emotional, and physical well-being of all students and staff. Together, all of our communities can collaboratively work as one to help our youth understand that there is endless potential for them to succeed in whatever they may choose to do. I would like to challenge all of you to stay active in our students’ school lives. Just remember that we are all TITANS and we are in this adventure together. GO TITANS!!!

Kevin Babcock, Superintendent of TCU Kevin Babcock, Superintendent
Tri-City United School District


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