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Teams compete in multiples of three (3), partly due to the judging devices which permit three teams to buzz in, but mostly due to the fact that a group of twelve students (3 teams of 4 students) almost always turns up a correct answer.

Each room is set up with tables for three teams facing the judging table. The judging table seats the reader, judge and computer operator along with the computer equipment. We use pressure sensitive tapes which run down the center of the team tables. This seating arrangement allows all four team members to respond while seated facing the reader, judge and computer operator.

Scratch paper, pencils, and table tents will be provided. Only the pressure sensitive tape, scratch paper and pencils are allowed on the table during the oral rounds. No books, purses, etc. are allowed on the table. Teams are asked to leave a clean table for the next round.

One note of caution: Team alternates or any other observers in the room are not allowed to talk out loud or respond in any other way to fellow team members. No one except competing team members may dispute a question or answer with the reader and judge.

Competition starts with the written round, which allows the readers and judges time to go over the oral questions. Team coaches often serve as readers and judges during local, subregional, and regional events.

Each region selects adult readers and adult judges to serve at the state event. Both readers and judges must have past experience as a reader or judge in KNOWLEDGE BOWL® competition.

As representatives of their schools, KNOWLEDGE BOWL® competition participants are to remove caps/hats for the competitions and be careful not to wear clothes with offensive symbols/words.