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You have the ability to check your child's grades on a daily basis.  It is STRONGLY encourage that you check your child's grades at least twice a week.  As 5th grade teachers, we try to keep our grades as up-to-date as possible, so that you as a parent can help us provide your child with the best possible learning opportunity.  Please follow the instructions below, prior to the school year starting, to gain access to your child's grades.

#1 - Contact the office at 364-8119 and set up a username and password with the secretary.

#2 - Click on the link below, and enter your information.

#3 - Once you are logged in, then you will be able to access all of your child's grades throughout the entire school year, as well as there lunch account balance, and many other features.

#4 - You will first want to click on "Progress Reports" on the left hand side.

#5 - Next, Click on the Quarter in which your child is currently in.  Once you have clicked on the Quarter, then you should be able to click on each individual subject to get a complete progress report.  This will show you every single assignment and test that your child has done.  More importantly, it will show you if they have not turned in an assignment, or if they are really struggling with a certain concept that we may be working on.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact any of the 5th grade teachers, or the office secretaries.