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2019-20  HIGH  SCHOOL  Physical Education Blended Learning Day

You can choose one option from the following 3 options for your flexible learning day activity. Email Mr. Helland ( your completed assignment. Or you may turn it in on the next class day.

Option 1: Research a new game, activity, or workout we could use in class. Write a one page summary including rules, equipment needed, how to play, strategies, and anything else needed to describe this so we could use it in class.

Option 2: Write a one page summary on the benefits of physical activity including the components of physical fitness and health-related physical fitness.

Option 3: Be ACTIVE today!! Do at least 30 minutes of some physical activity, exercise, workout, etc. Document the amount of time you spend doing one or more activities, record exactly what activity/activities or exercises that you did. The options are endless. (It is a snow day so shoveling snow is definitely an option)

All  High School Physical Education students have also been given a paper copy of the options for the Flexible Learning Day. There are options for those students without Internet access. Students who are not able to email me during the day can turn in their assignment upon returning to school. All assignments will be graded and are expected to be completed.

Mr. Helland’s Email -


Record what you did on the following sheet.



Date of school closing ______________                       Student’s Name ____________________________________________

Class Period ____________                                          Date turned in ____________


Activity you participated in:  


Explain what you did:  





Date of the activity: ____________              Activity time in minutes: ____________


Supervising teacher, coach, or parent please fill out the following information and sign below. Thanks!

Was the student on time for the activity? YES - NO

Was the student properly dressed for the activity? YES - NO

Did the student put forth a good effort and do their best? YES - NO



Signature of the supervisor: _______________________________________________________           Date ____________


30 minutes of activity time needed to make up for each blended learning day missed.

1.  Student may email a copy of this make time slip to Mr. Helland  at ;


2.  Student may return this slip to Mr. Helland on the next school day after the day of school closing.