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Masking on School Transportation Vehicles
On Friday, February 25th the CDC changed their guidance related to masking on public and private school transportation vehicles. The new guidelines do not require drivers or riders on school vehicles to wear a mask. 

Effective Tuesday, March 1st, Tri-City United Schools will not require individuals riding on school transportation vehicles to wear a mask or face covering.

image of COVID decision tree flow chart

COVID Decision Tree

The CDC and Minnesota Department of Health established guidelines for schools regarding the 5-day plan. Many school districts moved to the 5-day plan a few weeks ago. After discussion among our team and input from our school board we have decided to begin a 5-day isolation plan with adjustments to the quarantine requirements starting on Wednesday, February 9th. View and download the COVID Decision Tree to see the key changes to the isolation and quarantine plan. The district will continue to monitor the situation based on data. 

image of prepareness plan logo 2022 Preparedness Plan
At Tri-City United Schools our top priorities are the health, safety, and education of our students. To ensure we have a safe and healthy workspace, TCU has prepared a 2022 Preparedness Plan. Our goal is to minimize the potential transmission of COVID-19 and to prioritize the health of our students, families, and staff. *plan subject to change as guidelines change and update. View TCU's 2022 Preparedness Plan
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Congratulations, Tri-City United, on being Distinguished! 
We are excited to share that TCU Lonsdale, TCU Montgomery, TCU Le Center, and TCU High School are 2020-21 PLTW Launch/Gateway School and a 2020-21 PLTW Distinguished High School! We are proud to be honored in our commitment to helping students, engagement, and achievement through your PLTW programs.  

In January, the Minnesota Department of Health released guidance on 5-day isolation for those
who test positive to COVID. Based on these two factors, Tri-City Schools will be changing their COVID
Preparedness Plan and allow for the 5-day isolation option beginning on Wednesday, February 9th.

As we transition to the new 5-day isolation and quarantine option, there are some important details to remember:

Counting Days:
The day symptoms start, or the day of test collection for those with no symptoms is Day 0. The official Day 1 is the
first full day after symptom onset or after test collection. An individual that tests positive will need to stay home for
Days 1 through 5.

Returning to School:
If after five days, you have no symptoms or your symptoms are improving and you have been fever free for the
previous 24 hours, you can return to school on the 6th day. You will need to wear a well fitting mask for days
6-10. The mask is to be worn at all times except when eating or drinking. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a
mask you will need to remain at home. These absences will be considered excused due to illness.

Home Exposure Quarantine Update:
If you are exposed to a household member, you may continue to attend school and need to monitor for symptoms.
If symptoms occur you need to stay home and should seek testing.

Returning to Activities:
The Minnesota State High School League governs the process for individuals to return to activities after a positive
test. Students may participate in in-person practice on days 6-10 as long as they have been fever free for at least
24 hours, their symptoms are lessening and they are willing and able to wear a well fitting mask at all times.
Individuals may return to in-person competition on day 11 if they have been fever free for at least 24 hours, it has
been at least 10 days since first experiencing symptoms or testing positive, and their symptoms such as cough,
shortness of breath, etc. are improving.

A reminder that Tri-City United Schools is no longer sending exposure notification letters to families. It is assumed
COVID is out there within the community and classrooms. There are many illnesses out there such as COVID,
influenza, and strep throat that are circulating in our schools. If your child doesn’t feel well, keep them home, and test
if needed.
If you have any questions regarding the guidelines for the 5-day isolation and quarantine option, you should
contact Tri-City United School nurse, Amanda Sladek at .