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During the school year, and especially during cold and flu season, we ask that you be mindful of school policy and the health of all students.  Please keep your child home if they have signs of illness or complain of feeling ill. Sending them to school spreads illness while putting others as risk. Our school district has children with compromised immune systems, which means that their bodies cannot fight infection and illness like your​ child can.  Common illnesses (which your child can fight off in a couple days) could become much more serious and possibly result in a hospital stay for these children.  As a result, we need your help to keep all students and staff healthy and safe.


Fevers (greater than 100.0 degrees F), vomiting, and diarrhea are all indications that your child is not well enough to be at school.  If they have these symptoms, they must remain at home until they are symptom free, without the use of medications, for a  FULL 24 hours.  If your child is ill and requires antibiotics, they must be on the antibiotic and fever free for 24 hours  prior to returning to school. Additionally, communicable illnesses, such as chicken pox, can be extremely dangerous to those with compromised immune systems.  Please inform the nurse if your child has experienced an exposure such as this.


Finally, this is a great time to  remind your children about the importance of good hand washing,  sneezing and coughing etiquette, and avoiding touching their eyes, mouth and nose (how germs get in).   Following these guidelines will help us decrease the spread of illness, keeping our children safe, healthy and ready to learn.

Healthy kids learn better.  Please do your part by keeping your child home if they are ill.  Sending them to school only increases the spread of germs and illness to other students and staff.